[At the end of the project.] Lavish credit on anyone and everyone who helped you the least bit. – Tom Peters


I don’t think I have ever fit well into PMI pants or the Microsoft t-shirt. I have always thought PMI, with its lists, inputs, outputs, certification ribbons and…has been, well, not always very exciting.

Once at the PMI conference in Houston, I was staying in the Four Seasons next to the convention center where we were running a development program in parallel. I jumped in a cab outside the hotel to meet some people for dinner and the driver asked, “You with the conference?” With some hesitation, because of the way he asked the question, I said, “Yes.” “What is with these people?” he asked. It was a rhetorical question. I smiled in reply.

When I think about Microsoft Project, Microsoft Project Server, given the price, given the fact that it is a 100s of millions of dollars in annual sales product line, given the longevity as the owner of the market, should be a heck of a lot more… We shouldn’t have to wrestle – when we sit in front of it, it should…

Both PMI/Microsoft make my backpack heavier. Neither motivate me to be in the project management world.

With over 700,000 PMP certified PMI devotees and millions of MSP and Project Server users – I have to be the exception.

Tom Peters inspires me.

We all work on projects. What if…?

I was just updating our generic PM process. This quote reminded me of how little I think about lavishing credit on anyone and everyone who helped me the least bit.

This idea is worth contemplating. Likely it will change the way we close our projects.




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