Process Bridge for Microsoft Project

We have been working with Microsoft Project since it was first launched for Windows in 1990. Process Bridge has been available for Microsoft Project since Version 4 was released in 1993 with the VBA functionality introduced in Version 3 a year earlier. We think we have it just right.

bridge versions.jpg

Project Bridge for Microsoft Project Professional and Standard 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Process Bridge re-organizes the Ribbon to be consistent with how users need to manage the tool, and to allow a user to easily plan and then manage a project by moving systematically through the “eight conceptual” areas of MS Project.


bridgeIn addition, over 100 custom MS Project elements are included, like status reports for task, assignment, and resource records.

Experienced Microsoft Project users tell us that Process Bridge dramatically cuts down on the frustrating screen manipulation necessary in Microsoft Project for planning and tracking activities. Process Bridge facilitates planning, explaining, and reporting with teams and other stakeholders in real time.

New MS Project users tell us that it gets them up and running on their first plans much faster than they expected, and that it makes Microsoft Project more intuitive and easier to use.

Individual copies of Process Bridge or site licenses are available.


User Comments
“Process Bridge is a practically indispensable add-on, making sense of the senseless. ”

– Air Force, Asheville, NC


“Process Bridge for Microsoft Project is awesome, all the materials for the course are well done and easy to use.”

– Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab, Utah


“The Bridge Software for Microsoft Project makes simplicity out of Microsoft’s complex tools.”

– Systems Analyst, Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta
“Outstanding…taking the most common used features of MS Project and putting them in a fairly user friendly form…genius!”

– United States SOCOM, Tampa

“The Process Bridge software for MS Project is a wonderful time saver.”

– Omaha Power, Omaha
“This tools makes a very difficult process much easier to use. This will go a long way to help me make better use of MS Project.”

– Servco


“Process Bridge will be a big help.”

– vectorCSP, Elizabeth City, NC


“Process Bridge is a very strong tool. ”

– Central Maintenance & Welding, Lithia, FL


“Process bridge is very helpful in setting up and managing projects. I’m putting up the poster on my office wall as soon as I get back. ”

– Broward Health, Ft Lauderdale, FL


“This tool makes a very difficult process much easier to use. This will go a long way to help me make better use of MS Project.”

– Servco Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii


“Process Bridge is very cool. I like the additional features it has.”

– Multimedia Games, Austin


“Microsoft Project customized with Bridge Software and the Schedule Tracking Tool have provided our company with valuable tools that are used weekly to report progress against plan.”

– Manager Engineering Training, Lockheed MartinAeronautical, Atlanta


“Process Bridge is GREAT!”

– InfraSource, Maysville, GA


“Microsoft Project isn’t that great without Process Bridge.”

– Project Manager, PMI Heartland Chapter, Omaha
“The Process Bridge for MS Project software is great.”

–  PM, Blue Cross and Blue Shield
“I have been using Microsoft Project for eight years and this is the best thing I have ever seen for the product.”

– Project Manager, City of Tampa


“It does a very good job of guiding you through the project creation process.”

– PMO Director, Texas A&M University, Qatar


“Process Bridge will simplify my day-to-day interaction with Project.”



“Process Bridge was a great add in and a must.”

– Scantron, Orlando



“Really like the Process Bridge.”

– Sisters of Mercy Health System, Chesterfield, MO

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