MS Project Server and MS Project mentoring and coaching

More than ever before organizations are using mentoring or coaching programs. To become more effective, EPM administrators, project managers, resource managers and the PMO need coaching and mentoring.

In a FORTUNE article titled “Why Talent is Overrated,” senior editor Geoff Colvin writes, “Bottom line, at most companies: The fundamentals of fostering great performance are mainly unrecognized or ignored. Of course that means the opportunities for achieving advantage by adopting the principles of great performance are huge. Few companies realize that. They embed mentoring and coaching in the culture, develop employees’ careers through carefully chosen growth assignments, and increasingly put people through high-fidelity simulations, among other steps.”

Some studies suggest that if you combine training with mentoring/coaching you can increase knowledge and skill transfer from the 22% obtained in the classroom to 75%. It is a simple cost effective model: combine training with a few hours of mentoring and coaching spread out over time and you can facilitate dramatic skill growth in your people.

At PSSI we provide cost effective remote mentoring and coaching for your EPM business administrators, project managers, resource managers, and for the PMO staff.

There are three areas we can work with you remotely to mentor your people
  • EPM Business Administrators.  Any professional service firm, if they are honest with you, will tell you that it takes about six months for a person to develop the skills required to be a knowledgeable and efficient EPM Business/Technical Administrator. This time can be dramatically reduced with the right training and coaching program with a few hours each month. 
  • Project Managers/Resource Managers.Initiating, planning, executing, and managing enterprise resources across projects isn’t a simple skill to get an entire group of project and/or resource managers to acquire together. However, with one-on-one mentoring (a few hours spent each month working with their project data, practices, and use of the tools) can be the best approach to mature these critical people involved in an EPM deployment.
  • Project Management Office (PMO). You may not have a PMO, or refer to this management function as a PMO, but the management group driving your EPM deployment has specific business objectives it would like to meet. Regularly scheduled remote coaching with PSSI staff can help you improve the way your people work with the technology to provide you with the business value you want.

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