Consulting on Microsoft Project or Project Server at Your Location

There are a lot of reasons why a customer might ask us to come onsite to consult, but we have to warn people that our business objectives are not to get them to buy more licenses from Microsoft and it isn’t to help create a need and put a billable body long term onsite.

There is nothing wrong, of course, with wanting to sell software or staff EPM deployments but that isn’t PSSI’s niche. In fact, we do not operate under the assumption that most people should even deploy Microsoft’s EPM system, nor do we have anything to gain from pleasing Microsoft.

So where does that leave us? Well, we think it puts us in a good position to do the best possible EPM onsite consulting in the market. We have years of experience with this system, we know what people struggle with and we know the realistic expectations in terms of value. We are committed to telling you exactly what we think.


All of the services described on these pages are frequently performed for a customer at their location:

  • EPM Configuration
  • EPM / MS Project Audit Services
  • EPM / MS Project Implementation and Maturity Consulting
  • EPM / MS Project Compliance and Performance Management


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