customer note: Dear PSSI, Two special no

customer note:

Dear PSSI,

Two special notes that you all should know. First, what sold me on coming to your class as opposed to another is that I felt a genuine desire to help me find the right class on the part of your staff. Initially, I submitted a list of desires that I had been having trouble with and asked if your classes covered them and how you compared to a Microsoft course. The instructor’s answers were the most straight forward, no sales pitch, bottom line answer I received from all my requests. Most responses were about what the other guys could sell our company next, could they come do a private class etc. They were not as interested in making sure I was getting the training I needed.

A second aspect to this is the back office and the warm welcome friendly helpful attitude toward customers, at least me anyway. She went out of her way before and certainly after I signed up for the class in trying to answer EVERY question I had about travel and things to do etc. etc. etc. And prompt too, other places did not get back to me until a week after I had signed up with PSSI if even then.

I also believe your commitment to not cancel a class is great. I tried to go to two schools before I knew about yours and they were canceled before the scheduled date came or could not promise the class would be held. I really wanted this type of training 3-6 months ago… I should have searched the internet harder and not leaned so much toward thinking I should attend a Microsoft course. Oh well… lesson learned.

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