Contracting With Project Server Support, Inc.

PSSI is a service firm in a specific technical and business niche and over the years we have found that the best people for you to talk to about EPM services and solutions are the people who have spent years doing the work. Our business model does not include sales people, standard sales techniques, or “door in the face” or “pre-giving” strategies like envisioning sessions or webinars.

So if you are reading this you have either found us on the internet or one of our customers has referred you.

Please email or call us at anytime about anything related to Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management system, Microsoft Project, or any of the products and services we offer designed to better help you squeeze some value out of these products.

We take a very collaborative approach to engagements. We wait to hear from you. Feel free to just kick the tires. No strings attached!


How We Typically Work With People
  • A potential customer contacts us with a Project Server or Microsoft Project question, an issue or because they have interests in one or more of our products and services.
  • The PSSI office sets up a conference call with the most appropriate consultant. Most of these initial conference calls run 30 to 60 minutes.

Based on the issues or questions we may schedule several of these conference calls.


We may even spend time doing a demo of Project Server or Microsoft Project functionally and workflow to a group of people.


At this point we may never talk again. Maybe the question or issue was addressed or maybe there wasn’t enough synergy to continue. Anyone who contacts us can be confident that PSSI will not begin to hound them with sales calls.

  • If a contact is interested in a quote for services our consultant will outline that request and provide a quote. The quote is usually done informally in an email with attached documents describing relevant products and or services.

If there is interest in the quote there is usually some tweaking and back-and-forth emails and conversations.


  • If we move past the quote phase we put together a formal Statement of Work outlining the work and terms, and if appropriate present a Professional Service Agreement. 

For all of our installation and consulting services we sign a PSA. We have ours, a potential customer might have theirs and of course everyone has a legal department.


With the exception of just a couple of pretty unusual circumstances we have never failed to get past the PSA step.

  • Once we have a signed SOW and if required a PSA we schedule the work to be performed and/or product to deliver.
  • We invoice for services and/or productunder the terms of the SOW, but we follow standard business practices.
  • We close out work. 

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