We all love our animals and the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), a division of the FDA, is responsible for “Protecting Human and Animal Health.”

As consultants and trainers we really loved these people. They were not always easy, they were not going to just buy off on whatever we had to say, but they were great to work with, we enjoyed every assignment and we valued the friendships that developed over the years.

Working for the PMO director we installed, configured and helped them deploy the the first version of Microsoft Project Server in 2002. We trained dozens of project managers and other team members with customized training materials.

As the PMO office changed over the years, we worked with the office and different groups on two upgrades and two other deployments.

Training on Microsoft Project was also performed for other groups outside the PMO. The work at CVM led to Project Server deployment work and training around the country for CVM’s sister organization the USDA.


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